If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I am a huge foodie! It’s the second, if not first thing, I focus on when traveling. I want to the experience the best of the best meals (and drinks). Both, in popular, well-known restaurants, but also hidden gems. Tulum is THE spot for amazing food, especially if you are a fan of seafood! It’s been 5 years since I became a pescatarian. 

Tulum truly is a seafood lover’s paradise. I expected to eat a lot of tacos when in Tulum, which I did.

However, I also tried other meals such as grilled avocados with nuts, grilled octopus, crab soup, matcha smoothie bowls, and more! 

When it comes to food, be ready to spend money in Tulum. If you are eating at any of the restaurants located on the beach, you will be spending a good amount of money on your meal. If you eat in Tulum town then you can expect much better prices if you are traveling on a budget. 

Below you will find a list of my favorite food spots in Tulum! A little bit of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options for all (not just seafood lovers like myself)! 

Gitano – is a Mexican restaurant with a jungle like environment, offering a variety of small and large plates. We ordered shrimp tacos (240 pesos), grilled avocados (240 pesos), grilled octopus (280 pesos), ceviche (300 pesos), and mahi mahi tosada (220 pesos). We absolutely fell in love with the grilled octopus so we ended up ordering it again! First meal in Tulum was a success! Gitano set the bar high for all the meals that came after. 

Rosa Negra – is a tribute to Latin American Culture. There menu is made up of cuisines from Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, and of course Mexico. We ordered arroz de mariscos (seafood rice – 545 pesos), bisque de cangrejo (crab soup – 395 pesos), salmon al sarten (grilled salmon – 615 pesos), and tostados de atun (tuna toast – 430 pesos). 

Rosa Negra is in my top 2 favorite restaurants in Tulum! Please go and check out for yourself why! They recently opened up, so they aren’t as well known as they should be by tourists. ​Located right across from Gitano. 

Tora – is a contemporary Japanese cuisine restaurant. The service in the restaurant was honestly one of the best services I have ever received. The attention the waiters and even the head chef gave us was indescribable. We ordered arroz con cangrejo (crab rice – 540 pesos), open temaki salmon (raw salmon toast – 255 pesos), rollos camaron tempura (shrimp tempura roll – 395 pesos), sopa miso tofu (miso soup – 150 pesos), and two infusion balls, which are crystal balls with alcohol and natural fruit flavor (260 pesos each). 

Philosophy – is the main restaurant in hotel Casa Malca, offering traditional Mexican cuisines. We ordered guacamole, shrimp tacos and grilled octopus. Unfortunately, I can’t recall the prices for each dish. However, it was a total of 1000 pesos for each person to enter hotel Casa Malca and that was used as credit towards their menu. We had 2000 pesos on credit during our time at hotel Casa Malca.

Emilia Tulum – is a Mexican restaurant located in the main town of Tulum. We each ordered three fried shrimp tacos (585 pesos), and drinks – margarita (125 pesos) and mai tai (160 pesos). Emilia is the only restaurant we experienced in the town of Tulum and it was absolutely delicious. Emilia restaurant is located near Mi Cielo Hotel Boutique. 

Matcha Mama – is a plant based restaurant. Food options range from matcha to smoothies, bowls, açai, kombucha and more! We ordered Matcha Colada bowl, which has matcha, banana, kiwi, almonds, and coconut (180 pesos), and Mango Tango bowl, which has mangos, plantains, ginger, honey, vanilla, chia seeds, and passion fruit (200 pesos). It was a great breakfast option before heading to the airport! 

Raw Love Cafe – is a vegan restaurant located on Ahau Tulum’s property. We ordered a maca vanilla bowl (200 pesos), avocado toast (190 pesos), and a chocolate dream bowl (210 pesos). This is more than enough for two people. The bowls are extremely filling. We could have honestly done well without the order of the avocado toast, but it was so good! FYI – they accept cash only!

The food in Tulum is to die for. Like I said, I enjoyed a lot of tacos. However, I was able to try so many new dishes. In the process, I learned something new about myself – I absolutely LOVE grilled octopus! What was your favorite dish in Tulum?

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