Food, food, food! Who doesn’t love food? I’m a huge food lover and Bali really amazed me with their food options, especially as a pescatarian. It was interesting because I ate more vegan food than ever before!

I wouldn’t say the food I ate in Bali is authentic Balinese food. I do wish I could have done a better job with being intentional in eating more Balinese food.

These restaurants were decided based on Google and Pinterest searches for recommendations. However, I did enjoy eating at the restaurants captured below. I was able to learn new things about myself through this experience: I love passion fruit, dragonfruit, banana fritters, pad thai and most importantly I love eating vegan food.

There were times when I missed eating shrimp, salmon, fish, and cheese, but I was just fine without it. Perhaps going vegan might be something I might want to try in the future. 

I am supposed to go vegan for the month of February. I am including this in my blog as a way to hold myself accountable since I have shared it with all of you.

Bali Cocoa Park – located in Ubud, is a park with activities as well as a restaurant. This is the first restaurant we went to for lunch. The food was absolutely delicious and the service was even better. My travel buddy and I were the first to eat there this day and the waiter brought us a plate of passion fruit on the house. I ordered a dragon fruit juice (20,000 IDR), seafood pasta (65,000 IDR) and banana fritters (40,000 IDR). Full meal, including a drink and dessert, for about $9 USD. I found it to be extremely inexpensive.

Alchemy – located in Ubud, is a raw, vegan and organic restaurant. We had our Thanksgiving dinner here and it was delicious. Alchemy was having a Thanksgiving dinner special: main course, juice, and dessert for 185,000 IDR (about $14 USD). I ended up ordering a Philadelphia Mami Nori (sushi), melon blush juice which consists of pineapple, watermelon and lime, and a cloud 9 dessert, which is a vanilla “cheese” cake and raspberry oculus. If you are a fan of vegan food, I highly highly recommend! 

The Elephant – located in Ubud, this restaurant is 100% vegetarian. However, most dishes are easily adjustable to vegan and gluten free options if needed. I ordered pad thai (95,000 IDR), mango dragon fruit smoothie (45,000 IDR), and a sticky rice pudding (40,000 IDR) for dessert. Roughly about $13.50 USD. I loved loved loved this restaurant. The food was delicious, and the smoothie was to die for. Bali made me realize how much I love dragonfruit. Now I want to have it all the time!

Kynd Community – located in Seminyak, Bali is a plant based (vegan) restaurant. It is the #1 vegan restaurant in Seminyak, not only for it’s amazing Instagrammable opportunities, but for it’s amazing food. The chiefs put in time in creating each item that arrives on the table of every client. You can tell with the taste and the attention to detail. This is the last restaurant my travel buddy and I ate at before heading to the airport. I ordered a berries & cream smoothie (59,000 IDR) and paradise pancakes (80,000 IDR). Roughly about $10USD. Next door they have an ice cream spot where you can get a half coconut filled with ice cream and cute edible decor!

What are some restaurants in Bali you would recommend for first timers, those with specific dietary restrictions, etc.?

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